Home Equity Loans

Turn the equity in your home into cash
Get the cash you need to pay down credit card debt, remodel the kitchen, buy a car or take care of other financial obligations.

Why a home equity loan?

If you need extra cash for car repairs, home improvements, medical bills, tax payments, debt consolidation and more, a home equity loan is a great option. The interest rate is lower than most credit cards, saving you money, and your payments are the same every month, so there are no surprises.


Benefits of a home equity loan

  • Low interest rates that stay the same over the life of your loan*
  • Up to 90% combined loan-to-value financing
  • No fees or closing costs on loans under $250,000
  • 1st and 2nd mortgage options
  • Variety of term lengths available

Put your home to work for you

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*Loans on approved credit.

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Foreclosure Prevention

How does a home equity loan work?

A home equity loan lets you borrow money, using that equity you have built in your home as collateral. You receive a lump sum of money that is repayable over a fixed term, giving you the security of a locked-in rate and a consistent monthly payment.

Another Option

Mortgage Refinance

Lower your monthly payment, tap into your home's equity or even change the loan terms, by refinancing your mortgage.

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