Savings Accounts

Move toward financial success
Establish your personal financial goals with Mountain America’s savings accounts and become better prepared to succeed.
Traditional Savings
Build for the future with a personal savings account.
Money Markets
Earn higher dividends with the flexibility to add and withdraw funds as needed.
Term Deposits
Grow your money while saving for medium- and long-term goals.
Get your post-working years on track by opening a Traditional or Roth IRA. Both offer tax advantages to help you cover expenses.
Get peace of mind from your high-deductible health insurance plan by pairing it with a Health Savings Account (HSA).
Teen Savings
Prepare your teens for a life of financial independence and success. Our teen savings account is perfect for young adults 13–17.
Youth Savings
Start your children on the path to smart money management. This youth account was designed for children 12 and younger.
Youth Term Deposit
Help your children save for long-term goals like buying a car and paying for college.