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Pay off your home loan faster, save on interest or both with a mini mortgage from Mountain America.

A remarkable way to refinance

When it comes to refinancing your mortgage, there are a variety of options. One you may not be familiar with is a mini mortgage from Mountain America. It’s called “mini” because the loan term is shorter than your standard home loan. This refinance option is a great way to shrink your loan term and pay it off sooner. Or if you have only a dozen or so years left on your mortgage, you can use the mini mortgage to lower your interest rate, saving money on monthly payments.


Benefits of a mini mortgage

  • Low rates
  • Up to 90% LTV financing
  • No fees or closing costs on loans under $250,000 (some conditions apply)
  • Potential tax advantages on interest paid**

Make your mortgage mini

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**Consult your tax advisor. If loan amount exceeds the value of the dwelling, the interest on the excess amount is not tax deductible.

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Mini Mortgage Interest Rates

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5-Year Fixed Mini Mortgage
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10-Year Fixed Mini Mortgage
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12-Year Fixed Mini Mortgage
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