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Your home’s equity could be your best friend during retirement. You worked hard for that equity, and now it can work hard for you, allowing you to live comfortably at home during your golden years.

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Suddenly, your home's equity turns into cash. It's magic (otherwise known as a reverse mortgage).

How a Reverse Mortgage Works—In a Word, EASILY.

A reverse mortgage is similar to a traditional home equity line, except you get to keep the money and retain ownership, without making a monthly payment. At the end of your reverse mortgage—that is, when you permanently move out or pass away—the money you've used, plus interest, is deducted from the value of your house. Your heirs can then sell the house and receive the balance.  Or they can pay us the difference and keep the home. It's completely up to them.

Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage:

  • Insured by the government
  • Provides access to extra tax-free income
  • You retain ownership of your home
  • No prepayment penalty
  • No  income, employment or credit requirements
  • Receive funds in one lump sum, in regular monthly payments, as a line of credit or as a combination of the three

So many smart ways to use your funds:

  • Get quality long-term healthcare
  • Make home repairs and renovations
  • Travel or take a dream vacation
  • Buy a boat, RV or summer home
  • Pay off debts or taxes
  • Shore up your estate
  • And much more

How to qualify:  Step one—have a 62nd birthday party.

If you are at least 62 years of age and have equity in your home, you can get a reverse mortgage.  How’s that for simple?  Yep, the golden years are going to be even more golden.  So, call us today.

To a Free Reverse Mortgage Seminar.

To learn more about a reverse mortgage loan and to see if it is right for you, join us at one of our reverse mortgage seminars.

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Or you can call one of our reverse mortgage loan officers:
Amber Rainford at 801-292-0353 or David Thompson at 801-325-6231

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