Conventional Mortgage Loans

We offer low rates, ideal terms and a variety of affordable options—including fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages. Does this sound heavenly, or what? Honestly, Mountain America can make a home loan fit your needs to the proverbial T. Try us and see.


Conventional mortgage loans. A fancy way of saying flexible financing.

  • Up to 97% financing
  • 15-, 20- and 30-year fixed-rate terms available
  • 1-, 3-, 5-, 7- and 10-year Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)
  • Low mortgage insurance
  • Pay your mortgage locally at a branch
  • Loan may be serviced through Mountain America
  • Gift funds can be contributed by parents or other family members
  • Available for second homes and investment properties (up to a fourplex)
  • Quick Close paperless closings available
How? You guessed it.  Apply for your Mountain America Conventional Home Loan today!

Loan Closing Made Easy

QC.jpgBuying a home just got easier thanks to Mountain America’s Quick Close paperless mortgage process.

In addition to managing your closing documents from home, you can enjoy that convenience throughout the entire loan process.
  • Apply Online—No need to call or come into the branch to start your mortgage. One click can put you on the path to homeownership.
  • Upload Documents—Now you can save a trip to the branch by uploading all of your key mortgage application documents, including paystubs and tax information, from your computer.
  • Green and Secure—At the end of a traditional loan process, you typically leave with a huge stack of paperwork. With Quick Close, only a handful of documents are printed. The rest are securely stored on a flash drive that you can take with you.
  • One Signature—Review the documents from home and then provide a digital signature at the title office. the signature is applied to the mortgage, and you’re on your way in no time.
Take advantage of a mortgage process that is quick, convenient, simple and secure. 

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Apply for your Mountain America Conventional Home Loan today.

Loans subject to credit approval. See current rates and terms. The minimum payment for a loan with a 4.50% APR and 30-year term is $5.07 per $1,000 borrowed.  The monthly obligation will be determined by the total loan amount at the time of closing and the term and interest rate of the loan.    See our Loan Calculator for specific examples.  

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