Fraud Protection & Security

At Mountain America Credit Union, we are dedicated to protecting your financial interests. We actively monitor all of your accounts for fraudulent activity and will reach out to you if we notice anything that seems suspicious. You can also play a vital role in protecting your accounts by using the services and tools we have in place.

Reporting Fraud

Contact us immediately if you believe you’ve been the victim of identity theft, or if you receive a communication from Mountain America that appears suspicious. For additional details, review the following links:

Taking Proactive Steps

There are a number of things you can do to minimize the risk of fraud. We recommend the following:

Update Account Contact Information

When we notice suspicious activity, we often attempt to reach you via phone. Take a moment to review and update your phone number, email and physical address in Online Branch, if you haven’t done so lately. Simply log in to Online Branch and click the Profile.

Monitor Your Account

Take advantage of Mountain America’s Alerts & Notifications. This free service gives you the ability to receive text or email alerts based on transactions, balance limits, approvals and more. Alerts & Notifications can be set up on the Alerts tab within Online Branch or by speaking with a Service Representative.

Notify Mountain America of Travel Plans

If you plan on traveling, take a moment to notify our Service Center. This allows us to place a travel note on your account and will limit any unnecessary inconveniences when you use your card for out-of-state transactions. You can easily find the Service Center phone number on the back of your Visa® Credit or Debit card. You may also set up travel notes through our mobile app. Simply select Card Manager and then View and Schedule Travel.

Stay Safe Online

With internet and mobile connections practically everywhere you go, it’s easier than ever to enjoy the conveniences of technology. As you use your computers, tablets and smartphones, make sure to take steps to secure your information. Here’s how to protect your identity online.

Utilize ID Theft Protection Services

Safeguard your personal information, both online and off, with identity theft protection services from Mountain America and Deluxe Provent.

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