Business Remote Deposit

Make deposits without leaving the office
Your business just got more efficient with remote deposit services from Mountain America.

Remote deposit services

Business remote deposit lets you concentrate on running your business rather than running to the branch.

  • Scan checks and deposit them directly into your account from an office or business location.
  • Ideal for small or large businesses.
  • Make deposits any day, any time, day or night.
  • Save time and money with fewer trips to the branch.
  • Maintain a single Mountain America relationship—no matter how many office locations you have.

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How business remote deposit works

The business remote deposit process is incredibly easy. All you need is a low-cost check image scanner, which we can provide, and the business remote deposit system. The system inspects each check to ensure high-quality images are captured and transmitted.

Use business remote deposit with these simple steps:

  1. Scan your checks.
  2. Review the entry. If an image or deposit amount is not sufficiently clear, you will be asked to rescan it.
  3. Adjust the amount. Key in the correct information.
  4. Balance the total. Once you’ve entered the amounts, you are taken to a screen to verify the totals. It's just like filling out a deposit slip.
  5. Securely submit the deposit using the business remote deposit file utility. The deposit will then be credited to your account.

User guides

Need help? See our user guides below for help with your remote deposit needs.


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