Umbrella Insurance

More coverage for more peace of mind
Extend the liability limits of your homeowners insurance, car insurance and other applicable policies.

Umbrella insurance is designed to protect your major assets

Do your home and auto policies provide enough coverage for all your assets? With an umbrella policy from Mountain America, you can get $1 million to $5 million of extra liability coverage, protecting assets like your home, auto, RV, motorcycle, boat, wages and investments.

When would you use umbrella insurance?

There are many situations in which umbrella insurance may be useful. Here are a couple examples:

  • You are at fault in a major car accident that causes damage to multiple vehicles and results in excessive medical expenses for the other drivers involved, with damages totaling well over your $300,000 car insurance coverage limits.
  • Your family pet bites and seriously injures a neighbor’s child, causing extensive medical bills that exceed your homeowners policy coverage.

How much umbrella insurance do you need?

The easiest way to calculate the amount of umbrella coverage you need is by:

  • Totaling the dollar amount of your assets (include your home’s value, investments, value of personal property, amount of money in the bank and value of your future wages).
  • Totaling the amount of liability coverage from all of your insurance policies.
  • Reviewing the totals of your assets and insurance coverage to see if you are covered sufficiently. If there is a gap between the two totals, you can open an umbrella insurance policy to cover the gap.

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