Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

Eliminate gaps in insurance coverage
Cover the difference between the insurance value of your vehicle and the loan balance.

Mind the gap with Guaranteed Asset Protection

Vehicles can depreciate in value quickly—sometimes quicker than you can pay off the loan. This could leave you on the hook financially if your new vehicle is totaled or stolen and not recovered. Ensure you are covered by signing up for GAP* from Mountain America.

Our GAP policies can help:

  • Make up the difference between your insurance coverage and the amount owed on the loan
  • Pay your insurance deductible
  • Provide a credit toward your replacement vehicle loan

So instead of paying off a substantial loan balance before you can shop for a new vehicle, you could be free and clear. For example, if you owe $21,000 on your vehicle, but it’s only worth $18,000, you’d normally need to pay $3,000 out of pocket. But if you have GAP, that remaining amount is covered. You pay $0. Plus, we’ll kick in $2,500 toward your new loan if you finance the replacement vehicle at Mountain America.*



To see if your vehicle and loan qualify for GAP from Mountain America, call toll-free 1-800-748-4302.

*Vehicle must be financed at Mountain America Credit Union to be eligible for the purchase of GAP. The purchase of GAP is optional. Whether or not you purchase GAP will not affect your application for credit or the terms of any existing credit agreement you have with our institution. There are eligibility requirements, conditions and exclusions that could prevent you from receiving benefits under GAP. You should carefully read the contract for a full explanation of the terms. Skipped or missed payments, late charges, refundable service warranty contracts, other insurance-related products and interest charged after the date of loss may be deducted from the GAP settlement.

Auto deductible reimbursement

Auto deductible reimbursement

Most accidents don’t result in the vehicle being totaled. For times when you need repairs, our GAP program has you covered with auto deductible reimbursement (ADR). It reimburses you for up to $500 of your insurance company’s deductible.

Replacement loan credit

Replacement loan credit

Total-loss accidents can be devastating, especially if you love cars as much as we do. That’s why our GAP coverage includes a replacement loan credit. We will apply a credit of $2,500 to your new loan if you finance the replacement vehicle at Mountain America.*

*This amount only applies to policies sold after August 1, 2017. For policies sold before this date, the credit is $1,000.
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