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Fraud Dispute: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I better help in resolving my dispute quickly?

Working with the merchant directly will usually provide you with a quicker resolution.The merchant has complete access to all your information regarding your purchase and can assist you directly.

How long should I wait for a merchant to issue a credit to my account before I start the dispute process?

You should allow 15 days for the merchant to credit your account.

When initiating a dispute, how long can the process take for final resolution?

It can take up to 90 days (or two full billing cycles) to investigate the transaction.

Do I have to pay for a dispute transaction while being investigated?

No. we place a temporary credit on your account while we investigate this transaction.

If there is a transaction I do not recognize, what should I do first?

If there is anyone else who has access to your card, you should first ask them if they completed the transactions.You should also attempt to contact the merchant, as you may have done the transaction but simply do not recognize the name of the merchant on your statement.

What are some examples of documentation that I may provide to help support my case?

If you have cancelled a transaction, you may provide correspondence between you and merchant, along with cancellation confirmation numbers.

If you were supposed to receive a credit, you can provide a copy of the credit slip or evidence showing the merchant promised to honor your request.

If you returned items to the merchant, you could provide confirmation of return, including the full address the item was sent to.

What should I do before returning?

We always advise you check the merchant's return policy.

Some merchants require a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number or have other requirements before you return the goods.

When you do return a product, we recommend using a service that can provide a confirmation of delivery with the full address.

Will I be charged fees or interest charges on a disputed transaction?

If the dispute is resolved in your favor, all fees and interest charges will be refunded.

Can a dispute impact my credit score?

Disputing a transaction has no impact to your credit score while we investigate the transaction.

Can I dispute a transaction because I was inconvenienced or I didn't receive an expected rebate?

Although the merchant didn't meet your expectations, the transaction cannot be disputed if you received the goods or services.

Please work with the merchant directly for resolution.

Why did I only receive a partial credit for the dispute I filed?

There are some merchants that refuse to refund shipping, restocking fees or handling charges for the transaction.

In these circumstances, you would need to work with the merchant directly for resolution.

I was told the dispute was resolved in my favor, but now the merchant is requesting the funds from me directly?

Unfortunately, the dispute process is not a court of law and does not have any leverage over decisions that the merchant may take with collection agencies or any other legal action.

A merchant may choose to pursue the collection of funds outside of the dispute process even if the case was decided in your favor.