Business Term Deposits

Achieve long-term savings and financial goals with excess business cash
Our term deposits are a great way to earn competitive dividends on safe, long-term investments.

Get a fixed rate of return for your business

Set aside funds for a fixed period—between six months and five years—with a business term deposit. You'll receive a higher dividend rate than with a traditional long-term business savings account. The longer your term deposit, the more you earn. It’s a simple way to boost business savings and enhance your company’s financial future.

Benefits of a term deposit

  • Provides higher dividend earnings than other savings options
  • Offers fixed, steady growth for long-term savings
  • Comes with terms from 6 months to 5 years
  • Requires only a $500 minimum deposit

Open your term deposit

Make your business stronger with a business term deposit. Meet with a business advisor today—schedule an appointment online, visit your nearest Mountain America branch or call 1-888-845-1850.

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