Balance Transfer Terms & Conditions

By requesting a balance transfer, you authorize Mountain America Credit Union to pay off your existing loan from an external account or financial institution. Transfers from existing Mountain America loans are not allowed. You acknowledge that your current posted available balance may not reflect all pending transactions. If a previously authorized transaction reduces your available limit below your requested balance transfer, this transaction will be terminated.

Interest will begin to accrue on your balance transfer upon disbursement of the payoff check. Once a balance transfer is executed, you acknowledge that the transaction cannot be canceled and a stop payment may not be issued. In the event of a lost payoff check, please contact the credit union service center at 800-748-4302.

Mountain America Credit Union is not liable for any damages resulting from an authorized balance transfer. Additional restrictions may apply during promotional periods, please see promotional materials for specific details. All other terms and conditions of your agreement with Mountain America Credit Union will remain in effect.

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