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5 Ways to Simplify Your Financial Life

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Hint: Start by becoming a Mountain America Credit Union member and download the mobile app.


Every year, many of us make resolutions to get our finances in shape in one way or another. Unfortunately, efforts to achieve those resolutions have often faded by February 1.


Mountain America wants you to succeed and achieve your dreams. That’s why we’re constantly developing tools, products and services to help guide our members—first to understand their financial options and then to make a feasible plan.


One of those tools is our amazing mobile app. Here’s why:


Go mobile!
It’s a fact—life is hectic—which makes multi-tasking an essential way to get things done. Mountain America’s mobile app was designed with this in mind. We know you have financial business to attend to and we know you don’t have a lot of time. That’s why we made our mobile app your singular app for everything. It’s user-friendly, fast and efficient. Access your accounts, deposit a check, freeze or activate your Visa® Credit Card, log in securely with fingerprint or eye scan authorization, set up budgets, track financial goals, make payments, transfer money and more! Download or test it out here.


FICO® Scores*.
You can now track your score, learn how it’s calculated and make plans to improve or maintain it—all right at your fingertips! Access your score for free at any time with updates once per quarter. Read more here.


Mobile lending.
Apply for loans through our mobile app. Need a new vehicle? Eyeing a new RV, ATV or motorcycle? Or maybe you need a new Visa® Credit Card. All these applications, plus personal loans and short-term loans, can be completed through the Mountain America mobile app. Click here for more information.


Instant approvals.
Not only can you apply for a loan through the mobile app, in some cases, you can even get instant approval. No waiting around to see if you can move forward with your loan. How great is that? Try this out next time you apply for a Visa® Credit Card, credit line increase, personal loan or instant short-term loan.


My Balance Transfer.
Looking to transfer that high-interest credit card balance to a low-interest Mountain America Visa® Rewards Credit Card? You guessed it—you can do that right from the mobile app.


Can’t wait to get started but not yet a member? Apply for membership now and enjoy all these perks!


Questions? Contact us today!

*FICO is a trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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