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Get the Best Deal on Your Vehicle Purchase

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Timing is everything—especially when you’re buying a vehicle. Save several thousand dollars by choosing the right time to buy. Keep these tips in mind:


  • Shop at the end—The end of the quarter, month, week, or even the end of the day usually offer the best chance at a good deal.

  • Choose last year’s model—New vehicles begin to appear on the lot in the fall of the previous year. If the previous year’s models are still on the lot, dealerships typically offer discounts on the older model to help it sell.

  • Choose the last year of a model’s production—If a vehicle is being discontinued or rebranded, the price on the outgoing model can drop even more drastically.

  • Holiday weekends—Watch for special financing, blowout sales and cash back deals.


Does the time of year make a difference?
Possibly, especially if you live in an area that experiences snow and cold temperatures.


Winter: Most people shopping for a vehicle in the winter months are interested in purchasing something that handles well in the cold weather and on wet roads. So, if you’re looking for a convertible or sports car, you may find lower prices and sales people willing to deal during these months.


Summer: Although trucks and SUVs are popular year-round, if you live in a place that experiences cold, snowy weather, these vehicles are typically coveted for their road control in extreme weather conditions. Buy these vehicles in warmer weather to yield lower prices.


Keep an eye on the daily weather forecast, too. If it’s raining or snowing, or otherwise unpleasant outside, there will likely be fewer people at the car lot. This means the salespeople will probably be more willing to deal.


Consider timing regarding when NOT to buy as well:

  • When the lot is busy. Plenty of foot traffic means prices will stay higher.

  • As a new model is coming out, awareness and demand are higher. Dealers are less likely to offer bargains on their most popular vehicles.

  • Springtime. People are out enjoying the nicer weather and may also have tax refund money in their pockets.

  • On impulse. Give yourself enough time to do the research to make sure it’s the best deal for you.


Mountain America Credit Union is ready to partner with you on your next vehicle. Before you go out scouring the dealerships and online retailers for the perfect car, visit us on our mobile app, online, over the phone or in your local branch to get prequalified. This will let you know how much you will be able to afford for your new ride and make for a smooth negotiation process.

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