Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI)

Have you received a CPI notice? Find out why and submit your proof of insurance here.

Submit Your Proof of Insurance

Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI)

Have you received a CPI notice? Find out why and submit your proof of insurance here.

What is Collateral Protection Insurance?

You may have received a Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) notice from Mountain America. This page will answer your questions about CPI, why you received the notice, and how to submit your proof of insurance.

Why Am I Getting a Collateral Protection Insurance Notice?

One of the terms of your loan agreement is a requirement to maintain comprehensive and collision coverage on your vehicle as long as you have the loan with us. Currently, we are missing evidence that you have obtained acceptable insurance coverage.

What Is Acceptable Insurance?

In order to verify that you have the proper comprehensive and collision coverage, we need you to provide us with information from your insurance policy, including the amount of your deductible and showing Mountain America as the lienholder. Note: insurance ID cards are not acceptable as proof of insurance.

What Happens If I Do Not Submit Proof of Insurance?

Please note that if we do not receive evidence of insurance meeting our requirements, Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) may be issued through the credit union's insurance program and your monthly loan payment will be adjusted accordingly. The coverages afforded by CPI are primarily to protect the credit union's interests. CPI will not satisfy the requirements of any financial responsibility law, nor does it provide liability coverage.

Submit Your Proof of Insurance

By clicking the link below, you can submit your insurance information in a quick, easy and secure manner online. To submit proof of insurance click the button below, then click on the "Did you receive a message?" tab. Or you can submit proof by mail or fax.

Submit Proof of Insurance Online

Alternatively, you may:
  • Have your insurance agent call 1-800-570-9958 to do a verbal verification
  • Fax your policy: 1-866-238-0987
  • Mail your policy:
Mountain America Credit Union
PO Box 691010
San Antonio, TX 78269-1010

If you fax or mail your proof of insurance, include reference #4220.

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