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Working at Mountain America

Working at Mountain America

Making a difference in peoples’ lives

Deliver quality customer service in a motivated, team-oriented environment. We have outstanding career opportunities for enthusiastic, career-minded professionals.

As one of Utah’s premier employers, Mountain America Credit Union is often named as one of Utah and Idaho’s Best Places to Work. We have also been recognized for our community involvement. We are a strong, growing organization—with more than 89 branches in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah—with constant membership and asset growth in recent years.

Outstanding employee experiences

We invest in our employees and their continued success by providing plenty of opportunities for growth:

  • Excellent career advancement opportunities
  • In-depth, ongoing training to build your skills and prepare you for your next career opportunity with Mountain America
  • Mentoring and coaching to help you become your best and achieve your ultimate career objectives
  • Ongoing employee events

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Benefits and perks

Benefits and perks

Way more than just a paycheck


Matching 401(k) retirement plan

Our 401(k) includes a matching benefit that begins the first day you sign up for the program.

Paid holidays and paid time off

We offer eleven paid holidays per year with a generous amount of paid time off (PTO) for both full-time and part-time employees. The amount of PTO increases based on tenure.

Educational assistance

We offer educational assistance for all employees who have completed at least six months of service and whose job performance meets expectations.

Business casual day

Fridays are casual days, and each employee receives a yearly allowance to purchase Mountain America business casual wear.

Professional development

We are committed to our employees' personal growth and professional skills development. We focus on preparing our employees for new and different positions, challenges and opportunities within the credit union through training and development courses in Mountain America University.

Employee assistance program

All employees have access to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which promotes a healthy work/life balance. This free and confidential program provides employees and their dependents the opportunity to work with counselors to solve personal and legal issues 24/7.


Health benefits

Medical insurance

Mountain America covers 83% of full-time employees' medical costs.* Employees can choose from several medical benefit plan options. The employee premium cost on the plan options is minimal.

Cafeteria plan

All employees have access to our cafeteria plan (flexible spending account). Through this reimbursement plan, employees can set aside pre-tax payroll dollars to help cover the costs of dependent care and certain out-of-pocket medical expenses. A health savings account (HSA) that includes a company contribution is available with some medical plans.

Dental insurance

All employees have access to dental insurance with the majority of the cost paid by Mountain America and minimal employee cost.

Vision insurance

All employees have access to vision insurance with minimal employee cost.

Short-term disability

For full-time employees, short-term disability paid leave accrues each pay period, based on length of service.

Long-term disability

The credit union provides full-time employees with long-term disability coverage at no cost.

Paid group life insurance

Full-time employees receive a competitive group life insurance plan benefit. Full-time employees also have the opportunity to purchase supplemental life insurance at reasonable rates.

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*83% is the standard medical cost covered by Mountain America, but it can be more or less, depending on the plan and tenure.

What drives us

Best in class

Mountain America Credit Union is one of the premier employers in the Intermountain West. We often are named one of Utah and Idaho's Best Places to Work and have been recognized for community involvement numerous times. We also are a strong organization. We have more than 89 branches located in five states (Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah), and our assets, membership and employee base are constantly growing. Mountain America also owns subsidiary companies and partners with other credit unions in joint ventures that serve credit unions and their membership.

Outstanding employee experience

You'll have plenty of opportunities for growth. We invest in our employees and their continued success by providing:

  • Excellent career advancement opportunities
  • In-depth, ongoing training to build your skills and prepare you for your next career opportunity with Mountain America
  • Mentoring and coaching to help you become your best and achieve your ultimate career objectives
  • Ongoing employee events


Awesome benefits

We're committed to taking care of all our employees. You can enjoy:

  • Competitive compensation with opportunities for incentive and/or bonus pay
  • Excellent medical and dental benefits, with minimal employee contribution
  • Paid time off and holiday pay
  • Matching 401(k)
  • Tuition assistance program
  • Flexible spending plans
  • Paid term life insurance
  • Short- and long-term disability insurance

What our core values mean to me

Here's what some of our employees have to say about Mountain America's values:

We treat each other and our members with trust and respect
"I’ve worked in places where everyone was climbing over everyone else in the race to get ahead. No one does that here. Everyone is on your team and everyone is here to help you achieve what you want. The support is amazing."

We have honesty and integrity
"Our philosophy is to do what is in the best interest of our members. This means I never have to compromise my standards to try to sell something or push something on someone who doesn’t want a product. I can assess the needs of each individual member and do what will help them, not meet a quota."

We are stewards of our members’ money
"Because we are member-owned, we are very careful with our members' money. We are always looking for ways to be more efficient and effective."

We provide quality service
"Because we are trained on how to provide extraordinary service, we have amazing member loyalty. I have members who I have served for years and truly consider to be my friends. I’ve cried with members who are struggling and celebrated when we’ve turned people’s lives around. I change lives here. It’s so rewarding."

We are continuously looking for ways to improve
"I love that I work for a company that is always trying to improve. We’ve seen amazing growth, even during the recession, because we innovate and serve people better than other institutions; we attract new members all the time because they recognize we are different."


Enjoy Awesome Benefits

We’re committed to taking care of our employees

Enjoy competitive compensation and benefits.

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A place to succeed

"I stay at Mountain America because they value their employees. They understand that everyone is important."

I found an opening at Mountain America for a member service representative (MSR) and was surprised when I received a call for an interview. During the interview, I learned about the company’s values and their investment in employees and was DETERMINED to work there.

After two and a half years with Mountain America, I had some health issues in my family and had to quit my job. When I was ready to go back to work, I took an office administrator position at another company. I had only worked there for a week when I knew I wanted to go back to Mountain America. Thankfully, I kept in touch with my manager and was so happy when an MSR position opened up. I am now a financial services representative who helps members open accounts and secure loans. I also teach members about technology as a Tech Champ. 

Mountain America recognizes your success and loves to watch you succeed. I stay at Mountain America because they value their employees. They understand that everyone is important. This is what makes Mountain America great. The employee celebrations are incredible and extravagant! The training is remarkable. Your co-workers become lifelong friends. Everyone here is such a great motivator!


Room to grow

"My supervisors have shown me that our members really do come first."

I worked at another financial institution for six years. I never really loved the atmosphere, but it paid the bills. During that time, my wife wanted to pursue a promising business opportunity, but we needed a small business administration (SBA) loan.

Since I worked in commercial loans, I thought it would be a smooth process. We tried to get in touch with a loan officer for 60 days, and he rarely returned our calls. We read online that Mountain America was the largest SBA credit union lender. We applied and had a much better experience. Starting my wife’s business has changed our world forever.

I was so impressed with Mountain America that I started to look for jobs there. You can say I am a "rescued" employee. I have loved working here. My supervisors have shown me that our members really do come first. Every day, I encounter situations where I am empowered to focus on what best helps the member, not the bottom line.

I left the credit union after a few years to pursue an opportunity I am passionate about in commercial real estate lending. After six months, I missed the ability to help people and the great health benefits. I reapplied and was immediately welcomed back. From the first day, I have felt that amazing feeling again of helping members achieve their financial dreams.

The people, culture, benefits and members are what keep me at Mountain America. I also know there are future opportunities for me here, whether in the commercial real estate department or as a branch manager. Whatever the job, I know I want to continue my career with Mountain America.


Never leaving again

"My favorite thing about Mountain America is the atmosphere and culture."

I was hired at Mountain America as a member service representative (MSR). With coaching and inspiration from my leaders and team, I quickly accelerated to become one of the highest performing MSRs in our branch.

I really wanted to build my career and progress to a financial service representative (FSR, loan officer). My leaders encouraged me toward training and job shadowing opportunities. When an FSR position opened up, I applied the same day. After a few weeks and intensive interviews, however, I learned that I was not selected. I was heartbroken. A few days later, I was approached by a head hunter. They offered me an office assistant position. The pay was better, the work week was only Monday through Thursday, and it offered a variety of benefits at no cost.

I was able to excel with my new employer. However, with the increased responsibility came a crazy work schedule in an environment I didn’t enjoy. Despite the money and perks, I knew I wanted to return to Mountain America. Eventually, I was rehired as a member experience officer and have not looked back!

My favorite thing about Mountain America is the atmosphere and culture. We are compensated well and have plenty of growth opportunities. I also love that management is supportive and does what they can to help me achieve my goals. They are also very helpful in work/life balance. I have promised myself, as well as my manager, that I will never leave again.

Some of my friends said I was crazy to leave a job with more money for a job that I loved. For me, happiness goes further than money. If you are miserable 40 hours a week, no amount of money is going to help make you happy.


Finding my purpose

"The culture and the way we care is something that is not easily duplicated."

Working at Mountain America is my destiny. I started here in the ATM/Cards department. After five months, I pursued an advancement opportunity at a different credit union. After a year, I learned we would be merging with Mountain America, so I ended up in the Fraud/Risk Management department. Seven years later, I received another offer to manage a Visa® department at a smaller credit union. After two and a half days, I sent a message to my former boss about the mistake I had made.

Fortunately for me, Mountain America took me right back. I realized that Mountain America had superior tools, technology, benefits and people. The culture and the way we care is something that is not easily duplicated. This is my family.