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Tips for No-Stress Game Day Party Prep

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Game day is almost here and you’re hosting the viewing party. You’ve got plenty of team spirit and guacamole—but a great party experience requires more than just wearing a team jersey and putting out chips and dip.


Make your party something special with just a few minutes of planning! Mountain America Credit Union has put together these easy tips to prepare your home for the big day. Now go out there and give it all you’ve got!

  • Make a plan to manage your guest’s outerwear—Store it all in a bedroom that won’t be used that day or make your entryway a collection point with a coat rack and a few baskets for smaller items.

  • Prep your living room with extra seating—Check your home for ottomans, storage benches and other seating elements and relocate them to the main viewing room. Pillows, cushions and blankets can make floor seating a snap.

  • Food central—Be sure your kitchen counters are cleared so they are ready to receive the bounty of football food! Have one central place, away from the TV, where most of the food is accessible. This will keep those looking for a snack out of the way of the people who are watching the game. Put everything out that your guests will need: plates, utensils, napkins, glasses, etc.

  • A well-stocked bathroom is key—Identify one bathroom that your guests will use. Stock it with plenty of hand soap, towels, tissues and other necessities. Poke your head in every hour or so to make sure it’s still tidy.

  • Keep the food on simmer—When it comes to food, easy is best for this crowd. Soup, stew or chili can be thrown together early in the day and can simmer on a warm stove or in a crock pot. This simple and comforting option pairs great with something light and healthy—maybe a salad or veggie platter.

  • Keep the drinks on ice—If it’s cold where you live, lucky you! Just keep all the drinks outside on your patio table. If it’s not quite cool enough, make sure you have enough ice on hand to fill up a sink, cooler or wash tub to keep those libations chilly!

  • Don’t forget the kids—During your party, you want the kids to have fun, too. If you don’t already have a playroom, take over the corner of a nearby room for an evening of fun. Collect a few toys, games, books and music to keep them entertained. If you don’t have these things available, ask parents to bring a few things they know their children will love.

  • Have a plan for halftime—Whether it’s a quick touch football game in the backyard or several “Minute to Win It” team games, getting everyone on their feet and involved in something other than the TV makes for happier, more engaged guests.

  • Clean as you go—Keep up with the clutter for easier clean up at the end. Picking up during your party doesn’t mean you can’t take part in it, too. Every hour or so, simply take a walk around the common areas and pick up the dirty dishes and garbage. Scrape and stack the dishes and then go back to enjoying the festivities.

  • Be ready for anything—A houseful of people with food and drinks means there will inevitably be a mess or two. Put together a cleaning kit that can easily be carried to the area in question. Include your preferred cleaning solutions, stain and spot removers, cloth towels for blotting spills, paper towels and small plastic garbage bags. Remember to take the time to inspect your floors, carpets and furniture before you go to bed in case there was a spill that was missed. Leaving it until morning gives the stain time to set making it more difficult to get out.

  • Enjoy your own party—The key to hosting a no-stress party is preparation. Take the time to lay the groundwork in advance so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your guests and watch the game.


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