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5 Signs It’s Time for a Rewards Checking Account

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Today’s financial options are vast. Checking accounts, credit cards and debit cards provide so many ways to access your money that it can sometimes be hard to focus on which choice is best.

Since most of us need a checking account, why not get one that offers rewards for doing the things you do already? Earn points when you make deposits, pay bills or even use your credit card. These points can be used for travel, gift cards, event tickets and more!

It’s easier than ever to start earning rewards points! If any of the items below apply to you, check into applying for a rewards checking account.

Debit card usage
It’s common for a financial institution to require a certain number of debit card transactions—anywhere from one to ten each month—if you want to earn rewards points. Some offers will also count credit card purchases toward this minimum.

Electronic statement preference over paper statements
With the ease of access to your information online or through a mobile banking app, paper statements have become somewhat obsolete. In fact, many financial institutions may charge their customers if they want to continue to receive their monthly statements in the mail.

Mobile banking usage
Setting up direct deposit, bill pay or making check deposits with your mobile device can make life infinitely easier—not to mention save time! Utilize these types of services to earn rewards through your checking account.

One-stop shop
Having multiple accounts at the same finance company, like a valid credit card account or an investment relationship, can keep your errand-running and app-accessing time to a minimum. Not only is this more convenient, it can also help you earn rewards!

A personal relationship
Free checking accounts are getting harder to come by. Rewards checking accounts, even more so—especially if you’re only looking at the big banks. Try a credit union. Easily waive any maintenance fees through simple actions like direct deposit or a minimum amount of credit or debit transactions each month. There may be additional ways to waive the fee, too.

Requirements for a rewards checking account vary for different financial institutions, so make sure you check out the details.

Membership at Mountain America Credit Union comes with a ton of perks—not the least of which is fabulous service. It’s our mission to support our members’ financial dreams and we work hard at that every day. If you’re interested in our rewards checking account—a MyStyle Checking℠ account, or have other questions about your finances, contact us now—we’d be happy to help!

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