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Ultra Violet—The Color of the Year

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Pantone 18-3838 probably doesn’t elicit much of a response for you. But when you find out that, according to the Pantone Color Institute™, this number corresponds to the Color of the Year for 2018—Ultra Violet—all sorts of beautiful pictures come to mind.

The delicate feathers of a hummingbird, the soft petals of desert flowers, the faceted beauty of an amethyst stone or the last splash of color that washes over the landscape before the night takes over—this is Ultra Violet. Described as “a blue-based purple that takes our awareness and potential to a higher level,” this color can be inventive and imaginative like the mysteries of the cosmos, or brooding and edgy like the musicians and artists who don’t stand for the status quo. It also works in a meditative or spiritual space, inspiring clarity and connection.

This bold color is definitely the right choice if you’re looking to stand out. Packaging design becomes irresistible, invoking promises of royalty, luxury and beauty.


At first glance, in fashion and design, one may think that this shade of purple is difficult to pair with colors other than neutrals. However, upon further inspection, there are many options. Combine with smoky hues of blue and mauve for a timeless ensemble, with mossy greens or Caribbean blues for a hushed confidence or with flowery pastels and a dark navy to exemplify a spring garden in bloom.

Using Ultra Violet in interior design can be an exercise in adaptability. A bold rug, accent wall or Victorian sofa in this hue can be the star of the room, or small touches (pillows, artwork, accessories, table linens) against a background of cool modern neutrals present a quiet elegance.

Where fashion goes, so goes beauty. Whether it’s bold and matte, or sweet and shimmery, Ultra Violet conjures up visions of mystery and individuality. Lips, nails, eyes, hair—pick one or two places to let it shine!

Inspired? If you need to add some Ultra Violet to your life now but aren’t sure how to fit it in your budget, reach out to Mountain America Credit Union. We’re all about guiding you forward on your path to … purpleness! Whether it’s a balance transfer to a low-rate Visa® card, a new home to decorate or the perfect auto loan—we can help you. Give us a call or stop by a branch today.

For more on Ultra Violet, including color palettes and color codes, visit Pantone.


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