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Mountain America Expo Center Aims to Teach

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When it comes to financial literacy, Mountain America Credit Union is committed to providing resources to as many people in our communities as possible. That’s why, almost two months ago, we announced a partnership with Salt Lake County to change the name of the South Towne Exposition Center to the Mountain America Exposition Center.


In addition to providing Mountain America members with discounts to many expo center events, this exciting news also gives us an opportunity to serve and educate the entire community on financial matters. Our sponsorship with Salt Lake County, which retains ownership of the building, includes quarterly financial education seminars that will give people a chance to learn more about mortgages, budgeting, retirement saving and a multitude of other topics to help guide you forward.


Our first seminar will take place on January 23, 2018. Led by Todd Romer, founder of Young Money University and author of the new book, Young Money University Planner, this event will cover topics like how to create a budget that works for you, why you should start saving for retirement now—even if you’re a millennial—and how to pay off debt.


Visit Mountain America Expo Center for more information on these quarterly financial seminars and reserve your spot today!

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