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4 Benefits of a Youth Checking Account

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One of the most essential components of money management is a checking account. It gives you the ability to keep your money safe while being able to access it whenever you need it—using a check, debit card or electronic transfer.

Opening a checking account is an important first step to establishing your finances. If you have a summer or part-time job or pay some of your own bills (for example: cell phone, gas, entertainment), then it’s probably a good idea to have a personal checking account.

There are many ways in which having your own checking account could help you. Consider these four benefits:

Establish your financial path
A checking account is an important step to becoming responsible for your money as you enter adulthood. It helps you gain full control of your spending, better understand and evaluate your wants/needs and learn how to save for the future. Establishing these healthy habits early on will lead to greater peace of mind and confidence on your financial journey.

Enjoy simple and instant account access
View your financial information easily with online and mobile banking. This free service makes keeping track of your spending a breeze. Whether you’re out with friends or getting groceries, online banking gives you convenient access to view your account activity and current balance right from your phone.

Automate your expenses
While it’s always important to pay bills on time, a checking account makes this process much more efficient. Checking accounts usually provide an autopay feature to pay recurring bills automatically at various intervals, within a week, month or year. You can also set up reminders when bills are due, send money to other people and view pending transactions before they clear your account.

Develop your own financial relationship
Your first checking account provides a better opportunity to develop a personal relationship with a financial institution and to better utilize the many services they offer. Financial institutions administer much more than just checking account services, they also provide auto and home loans, debt consolidation services, budgeting resources, financial education and much more.

A Student Rewards Checking Account from Mountain America Credit Union offers all of these features and comes with a Visa® debit card, no minimum balance to open the account and an extensive rewards program. Earn points toward travel rebates, gift cards, event tickets and more when you use features like online bill pay. And, for youth between the ages of 16–24, the $4 monthly account fee is waived.

With Mountain America as your trusted financial guide, you can count on us to meet your needs with every transaction. This will give you the confidence to stay on top of your money and make smart financial decisions well into the future.

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