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6 Reasons Why You Need Mobile Banking

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If you’re avoiding mobile banking because you’re terrified of viruses, hacks or other scary tech monsters… it’s time to catch up. Mobile banking has grown by leaps and bounds over the past five years and the benefits far outweigh any potential risks.

Here’s a rundown of why you should bank on a mobile device:

Save time, gas and effort by avoiding multiple trips to the ATM or local branch office. This seems obvious, but if you perform a lot of transactions (like transferring money to your kids several times a week because they ALWAYS need something), it can be a lifesaver!

Stay on top of your money more quickly and easily than ever. With everyone on the go—carting kids around to after-school activities, visiting family members, running errands, commuting to and from work and venturing out to have fun—you’re no longer tied to your computer, an ATM or branch location to check your accounts. Just pick up your phone, wherever you are, and log in.

Many people assume that mobile banking is not as secure as other forms of banking, such as ATMs or in-person banking, but passwords and security systems used on mobile formats are solid and proven. Some apps even have the option of biometric logins like eyeprints and fingerprints. “We work to identify the highest security threats and then to build security solutions that protect our members and their financial information,” says David Glod, vice president of information security for Mountain America Credit Union.

It’s free
Most mobile banking apps are free to download to your smartphone. You can view your accounts, deposit checks, print statements, transfer funds, pay bills and set up notifications and alerts—all with no fees! Phone provider fees may be applicable

Apply for a loan right from your mobile device. Getting preapproved may make the difference between getting exactly what you want and settling for second best when you buy a home or car

Instant decisions
Some mobile banking apps (like the one from Mountain America) even offer instant decision approvals! Yep, you read that correctly—get instantly approved when applying for a credit card or personal loan. No more waiting a day or two to hear if you can move forward or not. That means you get on with your business more quickly.

So, make your life easier—download our app today! Take a tour here. If you have questions about membership, interest rates or anything else, we’d love to help.

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